Cette chanson chanter par celestia en fait une berceuse pour sa sœur sur la lune, elle montre comment luna est devenue nintmare moon et illustré les regret de celestia de ne pas avoir été la pour sa sœur quand c'était possible

paroles :

fate has been cruel and order unkind

how can i sent have you away ?

The blame was my own the punishment yours

the harmony's silent today

But into the stillness i'll bring you a song

And I will your a song company keep

till your tired eyes and my lullabies

Have carried you softly to sleep

Once did a pony who shone like the sun

look out on her kinkdom and sigh

She smiled and said surely there is no pony so lovely and so well beloved as I

So great was her reign and so brilliant her glory that long was the shadow she cast

which fell dark upon the young sister she loved

And grew only darker as days and night passed

lullay moon princess good night sister mine

And rest now in moonlight's embrace

Bear up my lullaby winds of the earth

Through cloud and through sky and Through space

Carry the peace and the coolness of night

and carry my sorrow in kind

luna you're loved so much thant you know

forgive me for being so blind

soon did that pony take notice that others did not give her sister her due

and neither had she loved her as she deserve

she watched as her sister's unhappiness grew

Lullaby for a Princess Animation07:03

Lullaby for a Princess Animation

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